Saturday, August 4, 2018

The He Is Valuable Project:

All of my true blog family, I want you to take this time and check out my brother Richard A. Hutchinson Jr.
He is doing amazing things in the gay black HIV community. A young man that is helping HIV bother's help themselves through community love and education and is having fun with it. What is The he is valuable project? it is "a social movement that reinforces the power of Black Queer men to themselves and their communities in order to address HIV and other social justice issues".

Richard said "HIV shouldn't stand in the way of Black Gay Men and with our #BlackGayMagic we can conquer this epidemic!

They (CDC researchers) say that it's projected that 1 in 2 of us will be infected in our lives! We can change this narrative but it's going to take the 2 out of 2 of us to make this happen!"

Richard also said: "Are you a Top? Bottom? Verse? Do you suck the D or eat the cake?  You like threesomes? Sex parties? You like nipple play or have a foot fetish? Do you spit or swallow?

We all have sexual preferences and desires! It's so easy for us to talk about those. And just the same we have an HIV and STD status and we need to know them!

Know your partner's status. At the very least know your status. And if guys don't know find a local testing site!

Message! [Find a local testing site here]

Ask him "What's your HeIsValuable status" and tell "My HeIsValuable status is..."

Fellas we gotta talk! Our lives depend on it 

He is a very down to earth young man. I know him personally. Check out my brother and support this reality. You can find He is valuable project all over social media. Facebook, twitter, tumblr. I am very proud of this young man. There is also a website (google it). This project will save lives and have great gatherings while doing so in this great city of Atlanta Georgia.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

And the category is......

I am indeed a ass man. I love every aspect of a nice ass. All shapes and sizes. If you ever wanna get my that hole and let nature take its course.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My uncut dick fetish

By now you know I am a fan of uncut meat. I love that cherry color head. Love that clean uncut dick smell with a hint of musk.

Monday, July 16, 2018

My loyalty to two porn sites part:2

My second love is

And once again I have a long relationship with Michael. Great guy. Now if only I can get a xxl shirt to wear to advertise his site at gay events. 

He has treated me well. The boys in his shoots are the boys I see everyday on the train or just on the basketball court. Hell, even in the subdivision. Go over there and give them a look

My loyalty to two porn sites:

I have been on plenty porn sites but I am forever faithful to only two. One is Breed it raw. I have had a long relationship with this site and I am very pleased. I even follow them on twitter. I am attracted to dark skinned guys but will not kick any other out of the bed. I love a black ass booty. All my friends...except one, is dark complexion.

My dear friend Que that runs Breed it raw has done a great thing. He has created a site for me to get to know my sexual side and a platform for me to try sexual activities.

Check them out. I am very pleased.

Uber meets...Uber eats:

I have been neglecting my blog for sometime now and I have heard your cries of why. I have been over there on Facebook fucking around but I will return to my first love...blogging.

There is so much to tell you. Friday night this dude that I have been chatting with on Jackd for a few months, took a Uber over just to meet and a few drinks. Uber arrived with my guest and we had a nice conversation. He wore some loose fitting shorts and I could see his dick print and that Jack Daniels I was drinking told me to see how far he would allow me to go. Mind you it is 11:30pm...booty call hours.

It felt like my mouth opened like a anaconda...or was it his dick that opened my mouth like a anaconda...anyway, he had a nice 9inch, thick, uncut dick. Now you know that I am a fan of uncut dicks. A hole that welcomed my tongue like it was designed to be there. I wanted him to play with my hole with that dick so bad but he was a total bottom. Why do total bottoms have all the dick. I wanted him to rub that wet, pink head around my hole. Not stick it in because I am still in training on how to take dick respectably. 

He ate my ass out like a dyke eats pussy. I had to stop him at one point because he concentrated on a spot that felt so wonderful...I stopped breathing. Got lost with that tongue in my hole. Oh yes, I fucked him like I wanted to be fucked. He left about 2am but wanted to go get something to eat. I wanted some dick. I wanted my hole wet with his pre-cum.

He said after three days, my nutt is still running out of him.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

I count not myself to have apprehended.

It is so easy to put on your Bio what went right. Never have I really seen a real bio. A real biographical sketch will tell the truth. Don’t pay too much attention to the resume. The resume and the person are two different things. The resume tells you all the things they did right and never the things they did wrong. They let that be a SURPRISE. It’s like a date. The person you date is not the person you marry. Nobody belches on a date. Nobody has a snotty nose on a date. Nobody has a bad temple on a date. Oh noooo, the same person who open doors and is gracious and the same person that is sensitive is the same person that turns into Attila the hun a year later. And what you say “I do” not the one you end up with.

We don’t say a word about our vulnerabilities. We let that be a SURPRISE.  I count not myself to have apprehended. I have learned the closer you get to death, the more honest you become. Getting close to death makes you real. It makes you face up to some things and deal with some things and confront some thing that normally you would not confront. Because frankly you are running out of time. And when you are running out of don’t have time for SURPRISES. So you just tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

Why are we so afraid to be vulnerable? Why do we work so hard to not be vulnerable. Maybe it’s the past we came from.  And the pain it created that teaches us to be masters of disguise. Is it possible we think that if you knew who I really would not love me? That’s out of fear of rejection. I give you somebody that you would really like and hide the person that I really am because I am afraid if you saw me as I really would not like me because I count not myself to have apprehended. Do you know what pressure it is to teach something that you have not mastered? To help people out with their problems and go home and try to figure out what in the world you gonna do? To teach 10 points to a strong relationship and argue all the way home with your partner. You can not control life.

I don’t have it all together but can you love me anyway? Can I add value to your life? Can I hold my wound while I stitch your scars? This my indulgence in vulnerability. (That is for somebody).

Friday, December 29, 2017

Who am I?

I am asked to decribe myself. I am like a pallemsist. Which is a manuscript in which something has been written but its been written over a pre-existing text that has been erased. Which itself was written over a previous text that has been erased. 

So that it's layer upon layer. And it's that layering that  is Oba-Pimusique. I am endless and deep.(That is for somebody)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A word of encouragement from a reader:

Most of you have noticed that I have not written for a while. That is because I write a lot on FB but on today, while I was playing around on Jack'D, I got a message that stated..." I am a fan of Pimusique. Letting you know all the way from Chicago. Keep writing and sharing your story. We need more story tellers like you". I can not begin to tell you how my heart was over joyed.

So, beginning 2018, I am coming back to Pimusique and pick up where I left off. I have so much to tell. Going to a onesie party Saturday which is going to turn to a sex party. I will tell you all about it. Who knows, somebody top might turn out to another man's bottom Saturday night.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Signal 23 tv...Steel River, Tex Brown, Climax and the likes there of:

My friend Jermaine Kamell, writes a hot series titled "Steel River". Most of you have seen it on youtube but let me tell you. You have cheated yourself if you do not see the uncensored version. I have watched every titled episode last weekend and I am satisfied. So many people that you will recognize in the industry telling a story that you can relate to.

The sex scenes are outstanding. Go over there to and have an experience. I did and headed back to see what they got coming up next.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


My good friend Jermaine is the writer of Signal23tv and let me tell you....he can write. Please check him out on youtube. The characters are some of the very people that you you know. The experiences makes me have flash backs of my life experiences. This new episode 9 has me hard. 

check out all his stories and let me know what you think.