Saturday, August 4, 2018

The He Is Valuable Project:

All of my true blog family, I want you to take this time and check out my brother Richard A. Hutchinson Jr.
He is doing amazing things in the gay black HIV community. A young man that is helping HIV bother's help themselves through community love and education and is having fun with it. What is The he is valuable project? it is "a social movement that reinforces the power of Black Queer men to themselves and their communities in order to address HIV and other social justice issues".

Richard said "HIV shouldn't stand in the way of Black Gay Men and with our #BlackGayMagic we can conquer this epidemic!

They (CDC researchers) say that it's projected that 1 in 2 of us will be infected in our lives! We can change this narrative but it's going to take the 2 out of 2 of us to make this happen!"

Richard also said: "Are you a Top? Bottom? Verse? Do you suck the D or eat the cake?  You like threesomes? Sex parties? You like nipple play or have a foot fetish? Do you spit or swallow?

We all have sexual preferences and desires! It's so easy for us to talk about those. And just the same we have an HIV and STD status and we need to know them!

Know your partner's status. At the very least know your status. And if guys don't know find a local testing site!

Message! [Find a local testing site here]

Ask him "What's your HeIsValuable status" and tell "My HeIsValuable status is..."

Fellas we gotta talk! Our lives depend on it 

He is a very down to earth young man. I know him personally. Check out my brother and support this reality. You can find He is valuable project all over social media. Facebook, twitter, tumblr. I am very proud of this young man. There is also a website (google it). This project will save lives and have great gatherings while doing so in this great city of Atlanta Georgia.

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